The Academy of Arts of the Islamic Republic of Iran is holding a conference on “Adaptation and Adaptation in Art” with the aim of examining the relationship between the arts and emphasizing topics such as Adaptation, which is one of the ancient and important ways of expanding and reproducing text.

The main axes of the conference:

“The role and importance of adaptation in the creation and development of art”, “Theories and Approaches to Adaptation”, “Aesthetics and Typology of Adaptation, Inspiration”, “Relation of adaptation and embodiment with art forms and symbolic systems”, “Adaptation, identity, originality, theft, ethics and rights of the work of art”, “Interdisciplinary Adaptations and Adaptations between Arts and Literature”, “Adaptations and Intercultural Adaptations”, “New Media and Artistic Acquisitions”, “Methodological analysis of texts and adapted works of art”, “Receiving and reading, the effect and influence of retrieval”, “Artistic adaptation by the audience”, “Background, Status and Pathology of Art Adaptation in Iran”, “Adaptation and artistic and literary adaptation in contemporary Iranian art”.

The deadline for submitting abstracts of articles is up to 6/12/2021, at [email protected].

The date of this national conference is Spring 2022.

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