About me

I am Venus Vahdat
I was born in Mashhad and I live in Tehran.
At first I started painting in the Pirasteh artistic school in Mashhad.
In this era, painting with oil color, especially painting from the classical works of great painters was very informative to me.Then I studied at the Faculty of Arts Islamic Azad University, Tehran Branch and graduated in painting a bachelor’s degree.

I am interested in photography, and I’m an amateur photographer.
The original Iranian traditional arts and handicrafts with variety in shape, form, color and how to run, always charming and amazing to me.I learned “Gachbori” (Making artwork with gypsum) with Master Morteza Motififard and “Gilim” (a kind of carpet-weaving, called Gilim) with Master Mahmud RufegarHagh Who are the famous professors traditional arts. I had several group exhibitions in Tehran.
And now I am an employee of The Iranian Academy of Arts and I also work on books and magazines layouts.

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