The Academy of Arts of the Islamic Republic of Iran is holding a national conference on ‘Art and Objects: A Semiotic Approach’.

The conference aims to examine the role of objects in the contemporary world and to examine human-object interaction. The conference also emphasizes the artistic aspect as the common denominator of all objects and seeks to study the researchers’ findings for the possibility of creating new meaning in social interactions, by re-enacting the human-object relationship in art and moving societies from stillness to prosperity.

The main axes of the conference:

-Art, Human and object

-Object, Time and Place

-Object, Culture and Identity

-Object and Memories

-Object Narrative

-Object and Historical Identity of Societies

-Object and Lifestyle

-Object and Ideology

-Polyphony of Objects

-Object and action of collecting

-Object and Museum Discourse

-The position of Object in Artistic Discourses such as painting, photography, cinema, drama, urban space, media

The deadline for submitting abstracts of articles is up to 22/11/2021, at [email protected].

The date of this national conference is March 2022.

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