The Academy of Arts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in view of the importance of narratology and narratography in art and its decisive role in the contemporary period, is holding a conference on ‘Art and Narrative’.

The main axes of the conference:

‘Narrative Representation and Theatrical Representation in the Arts’, ‘Elements of Narrative and the Arts: Face, Time, Sound …’, ‘Comparative Narrative in the Arts: Cinema, Theater, Music, Visual …’, ‘Literary Narratives and Artistic Narratives’ , ‘Artistic Narratives and Cultures’, ‘Art Narratives and Realities of Life’, ‘Iranian Narratives and Iranian Arts’ and ‘Art Narrative in Iran (Artists, Researchers and Audiences)’.

The deadline for submitting abstracts of articles is up to 21/11/2021, at [email protected].

The date of this national conference is March 2022.

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